https://kdm-manager.com or, as it is generally called, the Manager, is an interactive campaign management resource for "Monster" by Kingdom Death.

Neither the https://kdm-manager.com service nor any of the software utilized by that service are developed, maintained, authorized or in any other way supported by or affiliated with Kingdom Death or Adam Poots Games, LLC.

General Information

The Manager (and the underlying API that powers it) is not affiliated or acknowledged in any way, shape or form by Kingdom Death. Rather, it is an entirely independent, fan-maintained project.

The first production release of the Manager, version 1.7.0, went live on 2015-11-29.

Source Code

The KDM API, including all public documentation, is accessible at https://api.thewatcher.io.

Source code for the Manager and the KDM API is available on GitHub.

Privacy and Data Usage

Individually identifiable user data, e.g. email addresses and application data, are not and will never be shared or sold to third parties.

Individually identifiable user data are used for development purposes, including testing and QA.

Aggregate, de-identified user data are aggregated and displayed within the application and are available for general access via the public routes of KDM API.


Follow the project on Twitter for updates/announcements.

Send PRs and other code-related issues to toconnell on GitHub.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please consult the FAQ below for commonly asked questions about the Manager.


Q: Where can I find help documentation for The Manager? What about individual expansion modules?

A: As of release 2.73.1380, The Manager features inline help: just click "Help!" on the side navigation menu.
 This inline help feature is dynamic, and changes depending on what campaign type, expansions, etc. are enabled for your campaign.

Q: I am looking for help with something that is not documented in the webapp. Is there anywhere else?

A: If you have read the inline help and you still have a question, use the error-reporting tool in the webapp, open an issue in GitHub or use the comments on this blog to ask it.
 As a general rule, questions that come in over email, GitHub, etc. are worked into the inline help documentation or, if they're not about the webapp, they wind up here (i.e. on the dev blog "About" section that you are currently reading).


Q: What devices does the Manager Support?

A: The Manager supports Windows 10 and the current version of the Chrome browser.

Q: The Manager works pretty well on my phone/tablet. Which phones/tablets does it support?

A: During new release QA, the manager typically is tested against the following devices:

  • Google Pixel C
  • Google Nexus 6P
  • Google Pixel 2XL
Starting in 2018, this will changes, and iPhone and iPad devices will be added to the QA device list. Stay tuned to the dev blog for more information on that when it is announced.


Q: How do I submit a feature request or report an issue?

A: If you can, please use the "Report an Issue or Error" feature in the webapp. This emails the maintainers directly.

At the end of the day, if you're not comfortable with that or you've got screen captures to share or you just want to dive right into the world of the project, The Manager's source code lives on GitHub and requests for new features, issue reports and so on are ultimately going to be managed there, so feel free to open a ticket. 

Q: Is there a development roadmap? Who decides what features are implemented and when?

A: Since this project is entirely fan-maintained and is basically a passion project, it has historically been difficult to commit to roadmaps or plans for development. 

For 2018, there is a rough list of major milestones/goals for the project, but that is honestly about as formal as it is ever going to get.
 At the end of the day, the users drive what happens and when. Submitting errors reports using the tools in the application or submitting issues via GitHub is the main way that users drive the development agenda/plan for The Manager.
 /r/kingdomdeath is also a major influence: the project started there, and The Manager's primary maintainer (/u/toconnell) is a regular poster.

Q: I would like to make some changes to the source code for the Manager and/or the API. Do you accept pull requests?

A: Absolutely. Please send your PRs to toconnell via the main project repository.


Q: If you are not affiliated with or acknowledged by Kingdom Death, how can you accept payment? 

A: The project accepts subscription fees from users because, while the Manager is free to use, maintaining and provisioning it costs money.

Purchasing a subscription to The Manager is ultimately a way for users to help "keep the lights on", e.g. by deferring the costs associated with providing the service. The Manager is provided as a free service for fans and is not intended to make a profit.

Q: The Manager's dashboard shows that there are thousands of registered users and hundreds of subscribers. Are you sure you are not making money on this?

A: The Manager has never run at a profit and is unlikely to ever do so.

In 2017, for example, hosting and provisioning costs alone were approximately $750. During that same period, subscribers contributed a little over $600, offsetting most of that cost, but the Manager still ran at a deficit of nearly $150 for the year.
 As of the end of the first quarter of 2018, the Manager is running at an approximately $250 deficit versus its projected administrative costs for the year. While most of that deficit will hopefully be offset by future subscription payments, precedent suggests that The Manager will continue to run at a loss.
 Even if the value of subscription payments totally offsets the administrative costs associated with providing the service for a given year, however, those costs do not include the hours that go into the development and maintenance of the service.

Q: What about development? How much does that cost for a given year?

A: Somewhere in the neighborhood of $70000.

There were 90 or so major support and upgrade releases for The Manager in 2017. The amount of hours it takes to produce a given release is hard to quantify, but those 90 updates represent at least 1500 hours (63 days) worth of development (conservatively).
 The project is primarily developed in Python and JavaScript, and glassdoor.com estimates that the average hourly rate for junior full-stack developers using those languages was approximately $36 in 2017.
 Additionally, the approximately 2000 annual development hours it takes to keep the website updated and regularly upgraded do not include design, support, troubleshooting and documentation work. 

Q: How can you distribute Kingdom Death's intellectual property without permission?

A: The purpose of The Manager is not to distribute the game's assets.

Rather, the big idea has always been to respect the IP while providing a useful service for the fans and, so far, Kingdom Death has not objected to it. As long as the publisher does not object to the service, the service will continue.

Q: Do you have any idea why Kingdom Death has not asked you to stop?

A: It is impossible to say.

Representatives of Kingdom Death are aware of the project (and have been since January 2016) and, in more than two years, have never intervened to limit the scope or manner in which this project publishes their assets or designs.
 A "best guess" would be that Kingdom Death has chosen to to take a "hands off" approach to fan projects, so long as they respect the IP, e.g. and do not publish their original materials in such a way that facilitates rote reproduction of the box-product's assets.
 The Manager is not the only campaign manager for "Monster" and, at the time this answer was composed, none of the available services were fully authorized by Kingdom Death to distribute visual, written or design assets from the game.
 It is not uncommon for publishers "turn a blind eye" to the unofficial support ecosystems that emerge around their products, especially if fan projects do not compete with authorized/branded services (though Kingdom Death has not made any such policy statements at the time of this writing).
 Ultimately, the publisher has their own motivations.

Q: What if Kingdom Death asks you to deactivate or take down The Manager?

A: In that case, The Manager would ultimately be deactivated or taken down in complete compliance with their requests.

In light of what appears to be a "hands off" stance from Kingdom Death about third party tracker-type apps, it seems unlikely that this would happen. If it does, however, the hope is that we could come to a compromise.
 More than 5000 individuals have registered to use The Manager and, according to Google Analytics, an average of 1000 users a month manage campaigns using the service.
 At the end of the day, Kingdom Death holds all the cards, so to speak, but ideally we could reach some kind of compromise that would allow the Manager to stay in service, if for no other reason than the fact that a significant number of Kingdom Death fans find the service useful.

Credits and Acknowledgements

The Manager, including the KD:M API, is developed, maintained and edited by Timothy O'Connell.

http://kdm-manager.com is published, supported and provisioned by The Labor in Vain.

Fonts, Typography and Icons

The fonts and other visual assets used on http://kdm-manager.com are neither created nor distributed by Kingdom Death

All presentation assets are created by or licensed through the entities or individuals below:
  • kdm-font-10 and kdm-font-2, the KD icon fonts, are developed by MiracleWorker/HighImpactBoobs
  • Vector graphics by Timothy O'Connell, including:
    • "Lantern Tree" logo
    • three-color lantern logo
    • Endeavor token vector art
    • default avatar vector art
  • Silverado Medium Condensed font is licensed through MyFonts.
  • Loading "spinner" gifs by loading.io.

Special Acknowledgments

The following individuals have contributed, and, in some cases, continue to contribute, to the development and refinement of the Manager:
  • Charlotte Barnes, the number one, best baybay and chalwalt in the world.
  • Brian Nielsen - Javascript man-coach and skeptic.
  • Logan OgdenCaleb and Khoa (Playing Indoors)
  • Robert Schulz, BAMF
  • Board Game League
  • /r/KingdomDeath generally.
  • Dennis Acc, OG super-user
  • /r/leky, the first QA tester and QoL advocate.
  • ForgedIron / Mike Ireland
  • /u/mew1997 - OG feature/QoL advocate
  • Eugene Shuvaev - API migration QA
  • Jeff Stahler, stat wizard and mayor of Boob Town.
  • Nooschwander and Dagron, the first multiplayer penguins.
  • newcoda
  • /u/jeeshburger
  • UncleSquamous
  • Kyle Kanable - Manhunter expert and QoL advocate
  • Liam Collins
  • Thardin
  • Xairen
  • /u/cy4nid3
  • /u/exoscythe - the http://fddlstyx.com/ guy and design inspo
  • Elicious80
  • rabidpanda666
  • Jonahdell Gallemit
  • francispoh
  • cyric013
  • azmodai2
  • pndaal
  • /u/a_random_nick
  • M Rutz
  • stephensmith7
  • deadpickle
  • Amoebius Krauss
  • kamauphillips
  • David Tolin
  • flailingsquid
  • N Tillman

+5 Survival Contributors!

The excellent people below contributed financially to the support and development of the Manager and the API and kept the lights on in 2017! They are awesome!
  • Eugene Shuvaev
  • Alex Jochym
  • György Boda
  • Patrick Fawcett
  • Brad Lacke
  • Daniel McCormack
  • Chris Trejo
  • Louis Tremblay
  • Jeff Combos
  • Eyon Lewman
  • David Tolin
  • Mark Belcher
  • Dan Probert
  • Chantal Noordeloos
  • Derek Tomek
  • Michael Jaskot
  • Robert Henson
  • Benoit Malouf
  • Martin Vérot
  • Reed Dawley
  • Jeremy Collins
  • Juergen Kloo
  • Anthony Gaarenstroom
  • Gary Hammond
  • Darren Tanner
  • Joseph Cannon
  • Craig Fish
  • Jonathan Waddell
  • Ben Hamilton
  • Sheng Hyuk Song
  • Pride StClair
  • Coen Jans
  • Marcin Łukaszewicz
  • Tobias Schleich
  • Mark Watson
  • Nathan Combs
  • Patrick Sailer
  • Ian Mundt
  • Daniele Comanducci
  • Z Smith
  • Brad Smith
  • Bert Vandewiele
  • Marcus Luft
  • Kevin Zinger
  • Shawn Signor
  • Michael Wells
  • Benjamin Kern
  • Brendan Clougherty
  • Ashley Dennis
  • Austin Polebitski
  • Josh Couey
  • Fillastre Remi
  • Michael Lattanzia
  • Aaron Phillips
  • Ian Kahler
  • Andre Wicke
  • Chris Sharpe
  • Brian Emord
  • Enno Olbrich - thank you!
  • Jeramey Tamez
  • Jonathon Lubenec
  • François Prat
  • Thomas Schwalowski
  • Daniel Chabr
  • Brandon Coombs
  • Scott Cantor
  • Bojan Ramadanovic
  • Jeremiah Reynolds
  • Ian Cutler
  • Joseph MacGregor
  • Jason Kreiger
  • Alex Hauge
  • Thomas Blake
  • Matt Russell
  • Jens Høngaard
  • Christopher Lucas
  • Jacob Nielsen
  • Carlton Benson
  • Christopher Nye
  • philippe bolay
  • Jason Winterfeld
  • Ken Rumble
  • Dave Bruno
  • Donald Strawser
  • Robert Mauck
  • Sam Banankhah
  • Greg Pugh
  • Timo Yli-Hemmo
  • Hector Castejon Diaz
  • Michael Lang
  • Jim Clark
  • Michael Mungcal
  • Juan Raigada
  • Sam Johns
  • Dave Franklyn
  • Stefan Søndervang
  • Robbie Lyons
  • Elijah Boudreau
  • Sean Chen
  • Paul Flood
  • Ben Turner
  • Uffe Vind
  • Alexis Maes
  • ryan hohlier
  • Rajesh Mehra
  • Neal Myerson
  • Kipling Woods
  • Dylan Camus
  • Rachael Tan-Nygard
  • Kevin Gilderoy
  • Sebastien Maire
  • Louis Chartrand
  • Christopher Barney
  • Thomas Jackson
  • Charles Knighton
  • Raymond Taylor III
  • Tatu Hirvonen
  • Thomas Leopold
  • Robert Donovan
  • Thorbjørn Nicolaisen
  • Shaun Chia
  • Nadine Czaika
  • kyle grindling
  • dominic putzeys
  • Brian Kito
  • Taekyung Lee
  • Matthias Trudewind
  • John Cosgrove
  • Thomas Angel Flavan
  • Mark Sutterfield
  • Mirko Papritz
  • Gregory Barley
  • Tyler Merta
  • William Darmody
  • Adam Leif
  • Maykel Michiels
  • Andreas Rovio
  • Taun Brown

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