http://kdm-manager.com or, as it is generally called, the Manager, is an interactive management resource for "Monster" by Kingdom Death.

Neither the http://kdm-manager.com service nor any of the software utilized by the service are developed, maintained, authorized or in any other way supported by or affiliated with Kingdom Death or Adam Poots Games, LLC.

The Manager, including the KD:M API, is developed, maintained and edited by Timothy O'Connell.

The first production release of the Manager, version 1.7.0, went live on 2015-11-29.

http://kdm-manager.com is published, supported and provisioned by The Labor in Vain.

Fonts, Typography and Icons

The fonts and other visual assets used on http://kdm-manager.com are neither created nor distributed by Kingdom Death

All presentation assets are created by or licensed through the entities or individuals below:
  • kdm-font-10 and kdm-font-2, the KD icon fonts, are developed by MiracleWorker/HighImpactBoobs
  • Vector graphics by Timothy O'Connell, including:
    • "Lantern Tree" logo
    • three-color lantern logo
    • Endeavor token vector art
    • default avatar vector art
  • Silverado Medium Condensed font is licensed through MyFonts.
  • Loading "spinner" gifs by loading.io.


The following individuals have continued, and, in some cases, continue to contribute, to the development and refinement of the Manager:
  • Charlotte Barnes, the number one, best baybay and chalwalt in the world.
  • Brian Nielsen - javascript man-coach and skeptic.
  • Logan Ogden, Caleb and Khoa (Playing Indoors)
  • Robert Schulz, BAMF
  • Board Game League
  • /r/KingdomDeath generally.
  • Dennis Acc, OG super-user
  • /r/leky, the first QA tester and QoL advocate.
  • ForgedIron / Mike Ireland
  • /u/mew1997 - feature/QoL advocate
  • Eugene Shuvaev - API migration QA
  • Jeff Stahler, stat wizard and mayor of Boob Town.
  • Nooschwander and Dagron, the first multiplayer penguins.
  • newcoda
  • /u/jeeshburger
  • UncleSquamous
  • Kyle Kanable - Manhunter expert and QoL advocate
  • Liam Collins
  • Thardin
  • Xairen
  • /u/cy4nid3
  • /u/exoscythe - the http://fddlstyx.com/ guy and design inspo
  • Elicious80
  • rabidpanda666
  • francispoh
  • cyric013
  • azmodai2
  • pndaal
  • /u/a_random_nick
  • M Rutz
  • stephensmith7
  • jonahdellgallemit
  • deadpickle
  • Amoebius Krauss
  • kamauphillips
  • sdfzau
  • pookin
  • David Tolin
  • flailingsquid
  • N Tillman

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