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Work in progress! as well as the KDM API that supports it are both works in progress and under active development.

Among other things, this means that features may be added and removed without notice and that presentation elements are subject to change without notice.

It also means that errors and issues can (and likely will) occur. Errors and issues might take the form of any of the following:

  • Usability issues and application bugs, e.g. the application fails to save data or load a page, etc.
  • Presentation issues, such as display elements that cannot be read or which overlap one another.
  • Typographical and editorial errors or inaccuracies.
If you encounter any issues while using the Manager or the API, feel free to report them via any of the following channels:
  • The comments section of this blog, which is a fine place to ask a question or report an issue, as needed.
  • The GitHub issues application.
  • The error-reporting tool within the application (click on the nav-/tool-bar in the upper left and find it at the bottom of the navigation menu).
Please try to be as specific as possible when reporting an issue. Include screen captures if possible and, at a minimum, try to describe exactly what you were doing when the error/issue occurred.

Thanks for using the Manager!

Active development!


  1. Hi,

    Don't know where to put this, so here it is:

    When a survivor has parentage and gets a weapon type, that works great. Unfortunately the weapon proficiency level does NOT come across. Also, if I manually adjust the proficiency level, it throws an error:

    ??? Alexson [F] (5a6ae9988740d9739840a5d4) 'Weapon Proficiency' attribute is not an int type!



    1. C,

      Hey--thanks for checking in!

      I opened a ticket for this:

      In order for me to try to recreate (and ultimately fix) it, can you tell me more about what you were doing when it happened?

      It seems like you must have the beta feature for 'Family' Innovation inheritance turned on, is that correct?

      Did the issue happen when you created a new survivor? Or after you tried to edit the new survivor?


    2. Having just started using the manager, I have NOT turned on any beta features. Also, I already had progressed to LY9 before trying the manager and was entering all the information I had.

      I used +Create New Survivor and entered all the information, including parentage. I created a number of survivors this way.

      After that I edited each survivor to adjust some bits (increased starting survival for instance). I noticed that the Weapon Type had been transferred but not 1/2 the proficiency. I tried to change it and got the error.

      I just did the entire process again and though the 1/2 weapon proficiency and type has transferred, they weapon proficiency level cannot be changed (same error as previous).

      Does this help?



    3. That is very helpful!

      The reason I asked about whether you had the 'beta' preference turned on is because Family innovation inheritance should NOT work unless you do. The fact that it's...sort of working in your case is probably what's messing up your survivors.

      At any rate, I'm checking it out now.

      I opened a ticket:

      I am currently working on finishing up the next release of the Manager, and if I can figure this one out and get it fixed this morning, I will include it in that release.

      Thanks again for taking the time to write in and include all this detail!

  2. I've been inactive for a while, but when trying to log in, it says I don't have an account. When I try to re-register, it says my email is already in use. is the email I am attempting to use.

    1. is a registered user: I just checked (it's two years and 89 days old).

      When you try to sign in, do you get the "Authentication Error" message?

      Assuming that you do, have you tried resetting your password through the app?

      (If you are getting a different sign-in failure, let me know specifically what it says.)


    2. When I tried resetting my password, I got the error that the login doesn't exist. I tried again just now and it finally worked.

    3. Excellent!

      If you haven't signed in for over a year, you'll notice that there's a concept of being a "subscriber" to the Manager now and non-subscriber settlements are automatically removed after six months.

      Contact me directly if you have any questions about subscriptions or retrieving old/removed settlements:

      Thanks for using the Manager!