Game Rules

On Friday, October 10th, 2017 was upgraded to support Kingdom Death: Monster version 1.5.

All settlements and survivors created prior to that date were upgraded automatically to use new assets, rules automation, etc.

Please only report issues regarding rules automation if they contradict version 1.5 rules!


In some cases, in order to implement a new feature/functionality, I have had to make my own determinations about how/when to apply a rule. I have tried (hard!) to avoid doing this whenever possible, but in some cases, it has been unavoidable.

Before reporting an issue, please review this list of noteworthy determinations that I have made because I could not find an FAQ or other errata rule:

  • Survivors created during (errata) Lantern Year 0 may not have parents. Ever.
  • When starting a new "The Bloom People" campaign, any survivors who are not created with parents (including the first generation of survivors, whether added manually or via the "First Story" macro during settlement creation) do not benefit from the campaign's intrinsic settlement bonus. The rule states that "All survivors are born with +1 permanent luck, +1 permanent green affinity and -2 permanent red affinities," and founding survivors are not born.

Promo Content

The Manager supports the use of White Box / Promo gear cards, but does not automate any rules, effects, story events, etc. outside of the core game.

Promo cards are intended as light-hearted content that is created for fun and should not be taken seriously in the context of Monster. Promos are not considered official additions to the rules and players should add them at the discretion of each player group.

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