As far as rules automation is concerned, and the KDM API will follow 1.4.1 rules (including FAQ and KDU supplements revealed during the Kickstarter KDM 1.5 campaign) until new rules are officially released.

If you find a rules automation issue or error, please report it as a GitHub issue.

Before reporting an issue, however, please review this list of noteworthy determinations that I have made because I could not find an FAQ or other errata rule:

  • Survivors created during (errata) Lantern Year 0 may not have parents. Ever.
  • When starting a new "The Bloom People" campaign, any survivors who are not created with parents (including the first generation of survivors, whether added manually or via the "First Story" macro during settlement creation) do not benefit from the campaign's intrinsic settlement bonus. The rule states that "All survivors are born with +1 permanent luck, +1 permanent green affinity and -2 permanent red affinities," and founding survivors are not born.

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