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Support the development and maintenance of the Manager by purchasing a $1 or $5 subscription to!

The Manager is (and will always be) free to use, with certain limitations:
  • Non-subscribers may only create three settlements/campaigns.
  • Non-subscribers' settlements/campaigns are automatically removed after six months.
  • Free users are subject to automatic application logout after 24 hours.

To avoid these limitations, you may choose to purchase a lifetime subscription to! Purchasing a subscription to the Manager is your way to contribute to the cost of keeping it up and running and to show your support!

Important! Subscriptions to the Manager are neither a Service Level Agreement (SLA) nor do they constitute a warranty or contract of any kind.

Types of Subscriptions

At present, there are two ways you can subscribe to the Manager. 

Survival +1

For $1 (US), you can buy the the Survival +1 subscription, which removes the non-subscriber usage limitations above and gives you all of the following: 
  • The ability to create an unlimited number of settlements.
  • Your settlements are stored permanently in the Manager.
  • You may toggle a preference (on the dashboard) that allows you to stay logged into the application.
  • The option to participate in development/usage surveys.

Survival +5

The $5 (US) Survival +5 subscription removes the non-subscriber usage limitations just like the Survival +1 subscription and also gives you the following:
  • Access to present and future exclusive application features, such as the Campaign Summary Showdown view (multiple survivor management), Hunt Phase tool, etc.
  • Optional early (e.g. beta) access to new and experimental application features.
  • Your name in the acknowledgments.

Survival +5 Features

Many of the "exclusive application features" of the Manager that will eventually be available to Survival +5 subscribers are currently under development.

To see the long-term plans and current progress towards developing the full feature set, check the Manager's kanban board on Github.

The headings below describe the features/functionality of the Manager that are currently available to Survival +5 subscribers.

Beta/work-in-progress Feature Access

Users who subscribe at the Survival +5 level will notice that they have a new preference on their dashboard:

Checking the "Enable" box will cause beta features of the manager to appear.

A few notes on beta features:

  • Beta features will always be clearly indicated as such, either by the presence of the word "beta" or by the Greek β character.
  • Beta features are always going have bugs, problems, limitations and other issues. If you choose to use beat features of the Manager, you should expect a little turbulence.
  • Many beta features will ultimately become subscriber-only features, but some will (eventually) become regular features of the Manager: the release of a feature of the Manager as a 'beta' feature does not mean that it will forever be a subscriber-only feature.
Finally, if you do choose to opt-in on beta features of the Manager, please send along any feedback/questions/comments/etc. that you have about them!

Settlement Storage "digest"

Survival +5 users will notice a small tab on the right side of their Campaign Summary view. Clicking or tapping on this view opens a read-only summary of the settlement's storage.

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