Saturday, December 12, 2015

Change Log: 1.19.102

Major back-end overhaul of methods for modifying Settlements. Added Settlement location "deck" functionality. Survivor sheets can now be updated to include a cause of death, which shows up in the MoTD (under "System" on the dashboard). Includes some fixes for issues concerning Innovations.

Corrections and Fixes

  • The "Partnership" innovation is now available after "Language". -Dennis Acc
  • Innovations can now be removed. -Dennis Acc/Elicious80
  • Fixed a bug where removing locations didn't actually remove them.
  • Fixed a bug where principles could be added multiple times and show up under Innovations repeatedly.
  • Old sessions are pruned on successful user authentication now, rather than on dashboard load (should speed up dashboard load times and provide better "active session" counts in the MoTD).


  • Created a generic method for assets.Settlement called get_game_asset() that renders generic add/remove/list HTML controls for CRUD operations on settlement assets. 
  • Near-total overhaul of the process for adding/removing game assets from Settlements.
  • Settlements now have Location "decks" (based on the Settlement's Locations and Innovations) that determine which locations appear in the drop-down select element for Locations.
  • Added the optional "cause_of_death" attribute to the survivor; added "cause_of_death" to MoTD. 
  • Added living/dead survivor counts to the MoTD.
  • Timeline now defaults to being hidden/collapsed on the Settlement form. -cy4nid3

Coming Soon

  • Survivor ancestors
  • Sex-specific epithets
  • Page number references for Story Events
  • Nemesis monster dropdown/picker
  • Weapon specialties and masteries added to Innovations
  • Dynamic "Defeated Monsters" dropdown/picker based on available quarries
  • Desktop/non-mobile skin

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