Sunday, December 13, 2015

Change Log: 1.19.112

Continued the dashboard overhaul and made a bunch of general UI/UX enhancements. Fixed a critical bug introduced yesterday affecting custom Innovations. CSS refactor is now in full swing: desktop resolution views should be available by the end of the week.

Corrections and Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in the get_game_asset() method of that caused tracebacks when checking custom innovations for settlement/survivor buffs. -rapidpanda666
  • Refactored the campaign view to separate out principles and innovations; removed the principles subhead from the top of campaign view. 
  • Requests for /change_log now automatically redirect to -francispoh
  • Fixed a presentation issue that caused the "Save" button to float in arbitrary locations.
  • Settlements with no defeated monsters list nothing now (instead of "None").


  • Gave the dashboard/system a gear icon; the dashboard link now "floats" on the right side of Survivor and Settlement edit screens. -manvsfriction
  • Dashboard accordions are now color-coordinated for better visual correlation; "accordion" effect touched-up for clarity; down arrows added to accordions. -manvsfriction, charlotteyvonne
  • Started the CSS refactor: containers are up top; undid some of the clustered/shared class stuff; body font-family is Helvetica, sans-serif; reorganized the style groups; containered a bunch of the markup. -manvsfriction 
  • Refactored the assets.settlement.get_game_asset() method generally to handle custom assets (e.g. principles, innovations, etc.) more carefully.
  • Added recent activity info to user objects for better session instrumentation and analysis; redesigned the CLI method.

Coming Soon

  • Multiple survivor management on one screen (at desktop resolution only).
  • Survivor ancestors.
  • Checkbox/toggle for "Cannot use fighting arts"; strike-trough text for Fighting Arts when toggled on.
  • Weapon specialties and masteries added to Innovations
  • Page number references for story events
  • Nemesis dropdown/picker
  • Dynamic "Defeated Monsters" dropdown/picker based on available quarries

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