Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Change Log: 1.19.137

Pushing a handful of population and death count increment/decrement fixes in this one (in addition to some other, lower-stakes bug fixes and corrections). Most of the fixes are consequences of paying down some technical debt re: Settlement minimum values (which were not implemented well in the first place). Added Survivor parents.

Corrections and Fixes

  • Added "Thundercaller" and "Legendcaller" abilities.
  • Fixed some typos in abilities and impairments.
  • Fixed a bug on the campaign view where the Settlement's minimum population (rather than the actual population) was shown in certain cases. -Dennis Acc
  • Fixed a bug where Survivor "cause of death" field and toggle were out of sync if the survivor's cause of death was undisclosed.


  • Updated the Sign In screen.
  • Linode migrated the VPS from Xen to KVM (which caused a 5 minute outage: sorry about that).
  • Re-styled the "cause of death" box and added an arrow.
  • Added the assets.Survivor.death() method to auto-increment and -decrement Settlement population and death count. 
  • Survivor parents can now be added during Survivor creation (edits and changes will come soon) if the settlement has at least one living male and female survivor.
  • Deprecated assets.Settlement.update_death_count() because it was totally broken. Superseded by assets.Settlement.update_mins()
  • "Hamstrung" and "Ruptured muscle" impairments now automatically toggle "Cannot use Fighting Arts" on (and strikethrough any Fighting Arts) on the Survivor sheet.

Coming Soon

  • Settlement history views (e.g. for timeline and ancestors, etc.) and management.
  • New Settlement Storage sorting/organization/stacking.
  • Multiple survivor management on one screen (at desktop resolution only).
  • Weapon specialties and masteries added to Innovations.
  • Page number references for story events.
  • Nemesis dropdown/picker.
  • Dynamic "Defeated Monsters" dropdown/picker based on available quarries.

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