Friday, December 18, 2015

Change Log: 1.21.179

Added desktop resolution support for a few more views. Applied a few presentation and usability fixes. Improved some of the back-end administrivia re: Survivor deaths and user session support. Paid down a teensy bit of technical debt.

Corrections and Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in assets.User.death() that inserted dead survivors into mdb.the_dead without required attributes.
  • "Eye Of Cat" no longer shows up as a custom item. -Dennis Acc
  • Fixed the accordion/un-hide effect on the wide resolution dashboard panels that made the menus not appear to be fully lined up with the buttons that unhide them.
  • Added the "Hours Ring" to Unique Items.
  • Removed the random/floating/all-over-the-place "Sign Out" button from wide resolution views.
  • Fixed admin panel layout; layout no longer shows current user, mobile view is tighter; added user last sign-in time
  • Fixed Catarium text so that transparency doesn't make it invisible. -Denis Acc


  • admin.valkyrie() now searches for legacy deaths and updates mdb.the_dead
  • The following views now support wide resolutions:
    • Campaign Summary
    • Create a New Survivor!
    • Create a New Settlement!
  • Added "Sign Out" button to the System menu (on the dashboard) in wide-resolution views.
  • Added link to campaign summary from New Survivor form.
  • Completely refactored assets.Settlement.asset_link() so that it's not totally insane anymore.
  • Deprecated legacy "view_game" args and functions
  • Touched up the style for the "Return From Hunt" button for better visual distinction
  • Added dashboard alerts for important admin messages
  • Added user's last sign-in to System menu

Coming Soon

  • Wide resolution support for Survivor and Settlement Sheets
  • Random Disorder/Random Fighting Art functionality
  • Automatic toggle of "Skip Next Hunt" for survivors who are NOT in the hunting party when the hunting party returns

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  1. is there a way to reset my passwort ? (in case i forgot ?)