Monday, December 21, 2015

Change Log: 1.22.205

This is a housekeeping/sysadmin update, mostly. The only new feature in this sprint is the Hunting Party updater that increments/decrements stats for members of the Hunting Party from the Campaign Summary view. Otherwise, this one is pre-production for a handful of QoL features that I want to implement this week.

Corrections and Fixes

  • Symposium no longer incorrectly states that departing survivors gain +1 Survival. -Denis Acc
  • Partnership is now always available from the Innovations picker.
  • The Timeline "unhide" button on the Settlement Sheet now shows the settlement's lantern year (without having to tap/click).
  • Corrected an issue where mobile page anchors caused wide-resolution views of the Settlement Sheet to bounce around on reload
  • Fixed a bug where Survival Limit was displayed as the settlement's minimum possible Survival Limit, but the effective (i.e. saved in the database) Survival Limit was actually lower. -Dennis Acc


  • All members of the Hunting Party may now be updated en masse using controls on the Campaign Summary view. -Zazarg, mew1997
  • Added a new 20gb disk for user data; moved mdb data dir to /data/mongodb; moved postgresql data, wiki backups and to /data as well (just to take some pressure off of the OS disk).
  • Configured postfix for use in password recovery
  • (Finally) deprecated admin.get_latest_casualty() in favor of admin.Valkyrie methods.
  • Revised admin panel for wide resolution; includes CLI session monitoring stats now.
  • Objects in must now be initialized with a session ID.
  • Rewrote to record survivor "birth" year; deprecated random mdb queries (which are superseded by classical inheritance)
  • Deprecated self.survivors from assets.Survivor

Coming Soon

  • Ability elaborations, e.g. "Partner: so-and-so"
  • Tokens for the Hunting Party members
  • Password Recovery
  • User Preferences
  • Remove custom events from the Settlement Timeline
  • Campaign Exports (XLS/PDF)

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