Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Change Log: 1.23.214

This push implements Weapon Proficiencies (!) and enforces settlement normalization a little more aggressively/frequently, which should make multiplayer sessions less buggy (with respect to bogus death count auto-incrementing, etc.).

Corrections and Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Settlement death count auto-incremented when dead survivors' causes of death were updated (leading to bogus/wrong death counts). -Ann D
  • The dead are no longer sorted under "Skipping Next Hunt" when they're DOA on returning from the hunt.
  • Revised assets.Settlement.update_mins() so that it forces the settlement set attribs from lists back to sets prior to running assets.Settlement.get_min() for population, death count, survival, etc.
  • Replaced a number of manual Settlement normalizations with update_mins() calls.
  • Revised assets.Settlement.get_game_asset_deck() to only build decks for innovations with the "consequences" attrib.


  • Changing Weapon Proficiency on the Survivor sheets now automatically submits and refreshes the form: Specializations are automatically added to Survivor attribs and Masteries area automatically added to Settlement Innovations. -Leky
  • The Campaign Summary and Settlement sheets now show survivor counts in the various organizational headings, e.g. "Hunting Party", "Available", "Skipping Next Hunt", etc.
  • Zebra-striped the admin logs; added global and Valkyrie stats; touched up the level of user detail in the admin summaries
  • Survivors with Birth of a Savior abilities now automatically get their respective epithets.
  • The Survivor Sheet now has a refresh button. -Ann D, drbold220

Coming Soon

  • Ability elaborations, e.g. "Partner: so-and-so"
  • Tokens for the Hunting Party members
  • Password RecoveryUser Preferences
  • Remove custom events from the Settlement Timeline
  • Campaign Exports (XLS/PDF)

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