Monday, December 28, 2015

Change Log: 1.24.231

Getting back to it after the break. This is mostly a housekeeping update to get us in good shape for a final features push: the tentative target for being "feature complete" is now the first week of January 2016. As far as features go, this release pushes the elemental/fundamental user preferences and user exports features (the sprint that starts today has the primary goal of implementing campaign exports (dict, PDF and XLS), and this is the first step).

Corrections and Fixes

  • Fixed a typo in "Red Life Exchange".  -Dennis Acc
  • Fixed a bug introduced in the last release that broke Settlement Storage sorting by alpha (within location groups).
  • Fixed a bug that ended your session if you permanently removed a survivor after accessing it from the Dashboard.
  • Cleaned up some presentation issues in the panel and System menus on wide-screen resolution.


  • User Preferences are a thing now. Users may choose to see a confirmation pop-up when removing items from Settlement Storage. -Zazarg
  • All User data may now be exported from the System menu: JSON, python dict and python pickle exports are currently available. 
  • Tuned up the logging for the assets.Settlement.add_game_asset() method.
  • Relatedly, adding items to Settlement Storage now uses add_game_Asset()
  • Improved user activity logging to capture and instrument sign-in/sign-out.

Coming Soon

  • Campaign Exports (python/JSON/XLS/PDF)
  • Tokens for the Hunting Party
  • Remove custom events from the Timeline

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