Thursday, December 17, 2015

Complete V1 Backlog

Below the break is the entire backlog for V1 of

(Anything related to V2 or V3 is not safe for public consumption at present.)

I will be updating this post as I tick items off of this list (and as I add new ones to it), but as of right this very second, this is everything standing between where we are now and a "feature complete" V1.

V1 Usability

These are the outstanding items that need to be addressed before V1 is "feature complete" and active development and production debug mode come to a close:
  • Random Disorder / Random Fighting Art functionality -Zazarg
  • Remove "skip_next_hunt" from non-returning Survivors on "Return from Hunt" -Zazarg
  • Add page numbers to Story Event reminders -Fortold
  • Implement a "note" or elaboration field for abilities and attributes. -Thardin
  • dict/XLS Export. -Leky, Zazarg, mew1997
  • Undo/Un-add principles -Zazarg
  • Buff new survivors on creation. -Leky, elicious80
  • Updating hit locations should auto-submit (i.e. swap label elements for buttons). -mireland, drbold220, Jaimie B
  • Auto-application of Innovation/Principle buffs should be a user preference. -n4gol
  • Add items to Storage by quantity. -Xairen
  • Create Survivor and Create Settlement need to be user-proofed against users who submit forms without supplying names.
  • Implement Password Recovery via email. -pugsly4000
  • Hunting Party Sanity/Survival increment/decrement. -Zazarg, mew1997
  • Survivor images.
  • Move floating nav buttons to a top of screen bar at mobile resolution. -xairen, manvsfriction
  • Add weapon specialties and masteries to innovations.
  • Nemesis dropdown/picker. -Leky
  • Add "hunting party" inc/dec buttons for Survival, Insanity, Courage and Understanding.
  • Add resource types to game asset models and represent type with icons in the Settlement Storage.
  • Optional confirmation/warning dialog when removing items from Storage. -Zazarg
  • Settlement Event Log.
  • Refresh button on the Campaign Summary view. -Jaimie B, drbold220
  • Settlement timeline improvements:
    • Add settlement timeline to XLS export
    • Custom timeline events need to be removable
  • "Public" or open survivors, i.e. survivors that anyone can manage in the game. -n4gol
  • Show avatar image in latest fatality description
  • Survivor Family Trees in the event log

V1 Fixes and Corrections

  • Stop dead survivors in the hunting party from auto-incrementing XP on Return.
  • Fix Catarium text so it's not invisible in Settlement Storage. -Dennis Acc
  • Survivors with "Secretive" disorder automatically skip next hunt
  • Activate Story Event Milestones when their corresponding principles are added. -Dennis Acc
  • Undo principle selection controls. -mireland
  • Correct the mobile Safari bug that doesn't expand disabled buttons. -manvsfriction, kendalcroix


Bullets in these subheadings are halfway between ideas and goals. They are not part of the "feature complete" definition. They may or may not ever be implemented/completed/finished.

Desktop Resolution
  • Dashboard
  • Campaign Summary
  • Survivor Sheet
  • Settlement Sheet
  • Panel
./ Improvements
  • CLI settlement summary analogous to the --user view of a user.
  • Add last sign-in to panel
  • Skin panel for mobile resolution
  • Add user created_on date to panel displays
User Export/Import and Backup
  • Ability to dump a user (e.g. as a pickle) and import them, overwriting whatever exists for them and all of the assets they've created in mdb.settlements, mdb.survivors and mdb.users
  • Add python exports to Dashboard
World/Community Menu on the Dashboard
  • Add World menu to dashboard; remove World stuff from System menu
  • Show most recent survivor death
  • Update admin.valkyrie() to groom mdb.the_dead (i.e. get mdb.survivor["cause_of_death"], etc.)
  • admin.valkyrie() run on new cause of death
Settlement Event Log
  • Show timeline of births, deaths, story events and defeated monsters
  • Family Trees? Or some kind of representation of parent/child relationships

Canceled for V1

The following items and features are canceled/dead for V1.

Mostly, they are canceled because the front- and back-end design of V2 will resolve them, and fixing them in V1 is therefore not a priority.
  • Move Survivor hit boxes higher on the Survivor Sheet as a user preference. -Zazarg
  • Make abilities and impairments more prominent. -n4gol
  • Fix increment/decrement buttons on Windows phones. -Dennis Acc

Out of Scope for V1; Potentially Included in V2

What follows are headings that describe features and updates that were originally planned for inclusion in V1, but are no longer scheduled to be included in V1 and are "on the table" for V2.

Which is to say that this is not a V2 feature list. Rather, this is a list of features there were never implemented in V1 that are on our list of "nice to have" features for V2.

Usability Features
  • Settlement Storage improvements:
    • Add a user preference for different storage management styles
    • Storage refactor to allow faster adds, e.g. without scrolling through every damn item. -Zazarg
  • Italicize/bold game jargon across assets. -Dennis Acc
  • Hunting Party improvements:
    • Multiple Survivor Management (at desktop resolution) via the Hunting Party.
    • Temporary notes for survivors in the hunting party that clear/refresh when they're returned to the settlement. -Xairen
  • Male/Female specific epithets
  • Multiple device sessions per user. -Leky, Dennis Acc
  • Email drop-down list including previously-used emails. -Leky
  • Update survivor sheet on death to "archive" or read-only the survivor. -mew1997
  • The "Diary of Death"
  • Show list of Friends with settlement and survivor counts (i.e. players in the users campaigns)
  • Show most recent survivor birth with avatar image
  • Add avatar images to export/import
  • Hunting Party functionality needs to show the current LY and allow for adding/removing of quarries, events, etc.
General and Administrative Ideas
  • Share project source code on github.
  • Settlement log tail in admin panel.

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