Monday, January 4, 2016

Change Log: 1.25.287

This release features mostly backend improvements. Most notably, export and import admin is fully functional and I am planning on pushing XLS campaign exports in the next Release. As far as UI/UX goes, a handful of Survivor death issues are resolved, a couple of "convenience" features are added to the Settlement sheet and that's about it.

Corrections and Fixes:

  • Fixed a wide resolution presentation issue that made LY1 in the Timeline look weird.
  • Fixed a bug introduced in yesterday's release that prevented assets.Survivor.death() from auto-incrementing the Settlement's death count.
  • assets.Survivor.death() now creates a more complete death record (rather than leaving it for admin.valkyrie() to do).
  • Changed the default settlement name from "Settlement Name" to "Unknown".


  • New Life Principle options are un-hidden if any survivor in the Settlement has a parent. -Dennis Acc
  • Added new assets.Survivor method delete() to process survivor removal more extensibly: this is now used when survivors and settlements are removed.
  • Created a parallel delete() method for assets.Settlement.
  • Removed the 'legacy_death' code from admin.valkyrie(); added some new logic for marking a death record as complete.
  • Settlements may now be created/initialized with four anonymous survivors (two male and two female). -Leky
  • Refactored for administrative calls outside of normal user workflow and created the assets.Survivor.set_attrs() method for admin attribute updates.
  • admin.import_data() now has the ability to load data from an admin.export_data() pickle into the local MDB; this is a major come-up for the admin/troubleshooting/support/QA/research side of things.

Coming Soon:

  • XLS Exports: the first version of this should come out with the next release.
  • Password resets: since I need to do postfix config and finish configuring Google postmaster tools before I can move forward with resets, this is going to have to wait until the attacks on Linode stop. As of Jan 4, 18:36 UTC (i.e. about 45 minutes ago), attacks are ongoing.

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