Friday, January 8, 2016

Change Log: 1.27.301

This release implements survivor images: individual survivors may now be associated with a user-specified image that will show up on the Survivor Sheet and elsewhere (for quick visual reference).

Corrections and Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in admin.ls_documents() related to imports and survivors for users no longer indexed in the local mdb.
  • Fixed a presentation issue on the mobile version of the Survivor sheet where the epithets were "behind" or "below" the Survivor name input field.


  • Added "Metal Maw" to Abilities and Impairments. -jonahdellgallemit
  • Survivor "avatar" images may now be added when creating a new survivor or editing a survivor. 
  • Created get_img CGI to render GridFS objects (e.g. user-stored images) on the fly. -rschulz
  • Toggling "Favorite" or "Retired" on the Survivor sheet now submits, saves and refreshes it.

Coming Soon

  • Password Recovery (seriously: I know I keep putting it off, but I've got reasons).

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