Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Change Log: 1.27.330

This release fixes some minor presentation issues, pays down a bunch of the technical debt surrounding defeated monsters and adds a couple of small features.

Corrections and Fixes

  • Normalized presentation among the various game asset management boxes on the Survivor Sheet (i.e. added horizontal rules, wrapped comma-delimited lists in paragraphs, etc.).
  • assets.get_game_asset() now correctly supports "pretty" names for the "html_add" and "html_rm" return_type values.


  • The "Latest Fatality" on the World menu will have his epithets printed, if he's got any.
  • Defeated Monsters may now be removed.
  • Added "Fated Battle" to Abilities and Impairments. -deadpickle
  • The "World" kill board is now more tolerant of typos and non-standard orthography when creating kill tallies for monsters.
  • Created utils.stack_list() to DRY up game asset comma-delimited and UI returns where we "stack" list items by quantity. All models can be "stacked" now.
  • Added support for the "defeated_monsters" settlement game asset to assets.settlement.get_game_asset(); added a pseudo model called DefeatedMonsters to whose methods are constructed on the fly. #hacks
  • Completely deprecated one-off/beautiful snowflake methods assets.settlement.get_defeated_monsters() and assets.settlement.get_defeated_monster_deck()

Coming Soon

  • More/better user preferences
  • Password Resets

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