Friday, January 15, 2016

Change Log: 1.28.334

This release implements password recovery via email and adds the logo art to the wide-resolution sign-in screen.


  • The favicon.ico is now the official project logo (replaces the official KD favicon).
  • The logo also appears on the wide resolution sign-in screen. The wide resolution sign-in screen has also been adjusted to match the logo.
  • Adjusted colors for "Survivor Green" and "Settlement Orange" to match the logo throughout all views.
  • Added admin.mailSession class for SMTP relay via gmail
  • CSS updates: flattened buttons and input[type=text] elements, normalized presentation of login-related modal messages, adjusted default widths on inputs,
  • Passwords may now be recovered via email. -pugsly4000 

Coming Soon

  • More/better user preferences

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