Monday, January 18, 2016

Change Log: 1.29.361

As usual, I spent some time dogfooding/soul-searching the app and re-evaluating the backlog after Saturday's big feature push. The result is today's release, which pushes a handful of usability and bookkeeping improvements as well as some back-end enhancements related to the final 10 features that need go out before the app is "feature complete".

Corrections and Fixes

  • The Ability and Impairment picker/drop-down on the Survivor Sheet now reads "Add Ability or Impairment", rather than "Add Ability". -Colin Harris
  • Added "Endless Babble" (from the "Glossolalia" Settlement Event) to Abilities and Impairments. -kamauphillips
  • Added "Gender Swap" (from the "A Strange Spot" Settlement Event) to Abilities and Impairments. -jonahdellgallemit
  • Normalized Survivor Sheet presentation re: survivor sex (i.e. caps, bolding, spacing) for narrow and wide resolutions.
  • Fixed the formatting of the user admin log entries for preference updates (i.e. so they're not smashed together).
  • Fixed a bug where a survivor with a weapon mastery added it (redundantly) to the settlement's Innovations every time the Survivor Sheet for that survivor was modified.


  • Added two new methods to assets.Survivor: get_impairments() and get_sex().
  • Impairments that prevent a survival action now automatically grey-out the survival action they prevent ("Dismembered leg", "Shattered jaw", etc.).
  • Impairments now have the ability to change a survivor's sex: changed sex shows up as red (rather than the normal black).
  • Removed deprecated assets.get_ancestors() method (it is now out of scope...and never worked correctly to begin with).
  • The Settlement Event log now records:
    • when survivors master a weapon
    • when survivors add Masteries to the Settlement's Innovations
    • when survivors gain a weapon specialization due to the addition of a mastery
    • when the Settlement's Lantern Year is set to an arbitrary value (i.e. rather than being incremented)
    • when population and death count are updated automatically on survivor death
    • whenever settlement minimum values (e.g. population, death count, survival limit, etc.) are updated
  • Whether weapon specializations are auto-applied or not is now a user preference
  • Lantern Year updates are now handled in assets.Settlement.update_lantern_year()

Coming Soon

  • "Abandon Settlement" controls and functionality (i.e. to remove a settlement from the list of active campaigns)

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