Saturday, January 23, 2016

Change Log: 1.31.383

1.31.383 implements a brand new feature and is concurrent with a significant milestone and an important announcement: see below the jump break for important info that does not have to do with the release details.

Release 1.31.383 overhauls survivor data model normalization and automatically corrects a lot of legacy data model issues. It also adds settlement lineages and family trees to the Settlement Event view. There are a host of bug and presentation fixes included as well, so this one's a pretty big deal. The final few V1 feature releases should be smaller in scope and take less time to deliver.

First, the milestone: a day or two ago, we hit 1000 survivors* and,  over 1000 survivors are dead or alive in the production database.

Second, the announcement: though I cannot reveal many details yet, serious work has begun on the next iteration of this project (call it V2 for now), and that means that I will be wrapping up V1 during the coming week.

What that means, functionally, is that I have gone through the V1 backlog and made some major updates. As of this release, there are four new features scheduled to be included in V1. After they go live, I will be focusing on V2 full-time, and new features for V1 are done and over with.

Bug fixes and general maintenance of V1 will continue, so keep sending those emails and reddit PMs (/u/toconnell) as you notice anything that needs fixing/correcting.

* The number presently stands at 1056 and does not include survivors who have been permanently removed from the database.

Corrections and Fixes

  • Corrected the iOS Mobile Safari bug where unavailable ("greyed out") survivor asset buttons were collapsed and illegible. -Jaimie Lake, manvsfriction
  • assets.Survivor.normalize() now creates a default 'born_in_ly' attribute for survivors created prior to the addition of survivor "ancestors" to the data model.
  • Survivor normalization also normalizes 'father' and 'mother' ID's from unicode to bson.ObjectId (for legacy data model survivors).
  • Exporting user data now includes all survivors who belong to the user's settlements (i.e. survivors created by other users playing in your campaigns).
  • Addressed a bug where recently added items were handled as if they were being "removed" (even when they weren't) when new items were added, causing the confirmation pop-up to fire for those who have the preference enabled. -Xairen


  • The Settlement Event log now shows Survivor lineage information for the entire settlement.
  • Settlement Exports now contain settlement log entries.
  • Survivor ancestors may now be updated from the Survivor Sheet (under the Lineage heading).
  • The Settlement Sheet now has a "notes" field that may be used to record miscellaneous information about the Settlement. -Xairen
  • Adding new quarries to the quarry list is not recorded in the Settlement Event log. -sdfzau

Coming Soon

  • User preference re: automatic application of impairment effects.
  • Survivor avatars added to "World" latest fatality

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