Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Change Log: 1.32.418

This release (finally) adds user preferences to the main asset models and overhauls the Settlement Sheet's logic and back-end calculations.

Corrections and Fixes

  • Fixed a wide resolution presentation issue where settlement name was visible when it was supposed to be "hidden" by the top nav bar.
  • The settlement buff for "Protect the Young" (i.e. the bit about rolling twice during Intimacy) is now shown on the Settlement Sheet (as well as the Campaign Summary view) and no longer shows up  on the Survivor Sheet. -drbold220
  • Email validation is an application preference now, not a user preference.
  • Cleaned up the text on the Dashboard's user preferences menu.
  • Added a warning/hint message to the Settlement Sheet under the "Principles" heading when all controls are hidden.


  • The "First Day" automatic settlement event is now included in the Timeline for all new settlements.
  • The quarry dropdown/picker on the Timeline now shows quarry level for available quarries
  • Refactored the Settlement Sheet's Principle/Story Event show/hide/checked/unchecked logic for DRYness (and cut it from 150 lines to about 10).
  • Replaced one-off procedural mins calculations in Settlement Sheet display with calls to assets.Settlement.get_attribute().
  • Completely rewrote assets.Settlement.get_attribute() because it was hilariously shitty and I have no idea how it worked at all before today.
  • Improved assets.Settlement.get_principles() to accept queries; added a parallel/similar method called get_milestones() that works basically the same way as get_principles().
  • Refactored assets.User.update_preferences for extensibility.
  • Also refactored preference display in assets.User.html_motd() so that keys come from assets.User.preference_keys and HTML controls are created dynamically.
  • User preferences are now a first class citizen of with their own class and inheritance and methods.
  • Users may now specify whether Principle toggles are dynamically hidden/shown based on Settlement Story Event Milestones or whether they are always shown. -Michael Rutz

Coming Soon

  • More user preferences.
  • Additional timeline improvements (including adding it to XLS exports).
  • First time login message for new users.
  • "First Day" box on the Settlement Sheet for bulk survivor addition.
  • Better/faster settlement genealogy.

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