Thursday, January 28, 2016

Change Log: 1.32.426

This release further optimizes both the Campaign Summary view and the Settlement Sheet while continuing to distinguish them from one another: the Campaign Summary view now shows Endeavors in addition to other settlement buffs, while those elements have been removed from the Settlement Sheet. Meanwhile, the Settlement Sheet now has controls for the bulk addition of new survivors (i.e. the "First Day" Settlement Event just got a lot about a million percent less tedious).

Corrections and Fixes

  • Added "Scrap" basic resource (from the "Acid Storm" Settlement event).


  • The "login" field on the new user creation screen is now "email" type.
  • Hiding the Timeline is now a user preference.
  • Innovation endeavors are now listed on the Campaign Summary.
  • The Settlement Sheet no longer lists settlement, survivor or departure buffs: all of that lives in the summary now.
  • "Create Survivor" button is gone from Settlement Sheet; bulk survivor add controls have replaced it.
  • The form to create a single new survivor now defaults to creating them as private, i.e. not shared with all players.
  • Added the ability to assets.Survivor to suppress settlement event logging (for cleaner, more concise Settlement Event logs).

Coming Soon

  • More user preferences.
  • Additional timeline improvements (including XLS and the ability to remove items).
  • First time login message for new users.
  • Better/faster settlement genealogy.

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