Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Change Log: 1.39.403

This tiny release is focused on getting the webapp ready for launch/release and doesn't include much in the way of features: I spent most of my development time today working on the documentation and the tutorial videos.

Corrections and Fixes

  • Fixed a presentation bug where the notes field on the Settlement Sheet had a really tiny font.


  • Creating a new settlement without new survivors now starts the settlement with nothing in storage.
  • Creating a new settlement with four new survivors adds waist armor to the new survivors and Starting Gear to settlement storage.
  • Settlement Event log records "First Story" survivor additions.

Coming Soon

  • The rest of the timeline updates and fixes I promised on Monday.
  • Preferences for auto-nerfing impaired Survivors.


  1. Hey Tim. I have been using Vibrant lantern's Manager until now. I just tried to convert one of my Settelements to your manager and it appears that the "Principles" secion isn't working.
    I see it but I can not add any principles. Ideas?

    1. Hello!

      First, thanks for checking out the Manager!

      Second, the controls for adding Principles appear when the related Story Events occur: the Death Principle controls appear, for example, when you either mark a Survivor dead or toggle the Story Event for "First time death count is updated".

      Try toggling a Story Event on and let me know if the controls for its principle don't show up: if they don't, I would really appreciate it if you could send along a screen capture so I can check it out more closely.

      At any rate, I plan to do some work on user preferences today/tomorrow, and I will add one that allows you to see all Principle controls, regardless of whether the necessary conditions for setting those principles has been met by the settlement.

      Thanks again!