Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Change Log: 1.32.452

In addition to a few usability tweaks, this small release adds the ability to remove events from the Settlement Timeline and REMOVES the ability to login using a credential that does not look like an email address. If you missed the announcement that's been on the warning banner (on the dashboard) for the last week and a half, please contact me directly to get your credential updated/fixed.

The only missing feature from the V1 backlog is the inclusion of the Settlement Timeline in the XLS export, and that will be included in the next release.

Once that release goes out, V1 is officially complete and, after I've got the tutorial video series wrapped up, I will be working on V2 full time, which means that V1 releases will only involve small improvements (in addition to the usual corrections and fixes).

Corrections and Fixes

  • Removed list-style-type buttons from mobile width "World" menu.
  • Popularity contest stats on the "World" menu are integers now, instead of floats (which looked messy).
  • Fixed a mobile usability bug where updating Settlement Notes on the Settlement Sheet would refresh the page and drag you all the way down to the Timeline.
  • The bulk survivor add button is now "Survivor Green" rather than "Success Green" (presentation normalization).


  • The initial sign-in form now uses an HTML5 "email" type input.
  • "Birth of a Savior" events are now recorded in the Settlement Event log.
  • Added an "Update Notes" button beneath the Settlement Notes field; also added an "Update Timeline" button to prevent confusion.
  • Events may now be removed from the Timeline, including Nemesis and Story events.

Coming Soon

  • Timeline added to the XLS export.
  • More videos.
  • First time login message.

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