Saturday, February 6, 2016

Change Log: 1.32.459

In addition to a bunch of corrections and improvements around quarries and nemeses, this release adds the Settlement Timeline to the XLS export and is the last feature/improvement release planned for V1.

In a few days, this application will go into "maintenance mode" and I will be focusing on V2.

More details about V2 should be available before the end of the month.

Corrections and Fixes

  • The Watcher no longer shows "levels" in the Nemesis controls on the Settlement Sheet (i.e. he only has a Lvl 1 to toggle off.)
  • Relatedly, quarry and nemesis monsters who do not have "levels" are not shown in the Timeline control Quarry and Nemesis drop-down options as having levels.


  • Added "Crystal Skin" ability (from "Mineral Gathering" Story Event).
  • Added a Timeline view to the XLS export.
  • Added Legendary Monsters to Quarry options.
  • Refactored the defeatedMonstersModel pseudo model in to have a more extensible/dynamic build_asset_deck() method.
  • Added armor sets to Settlement Storage drop-down options. -elicious80

Coming Soon

  • More videos
  • More user preferences

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