Saturday, February 13, 2016

Change Log: 1.32.475

This release adds the Rare Gear from the one-shot challenge scenarios and touches up some of the Settlement administration tools for better multiplayer campaign management.


  • Added the 10 "beta" challenge scenario Rare Gear items to the Storage drop-down/selector. -Michael Rutz
  • Added Player Panel to Settlement Sheet.
  • Rewrote assets.Settlement.get_players() to use 'return_type' kwarg and support normal calls to generic settlement methods.
  • Added assets.Settlement.update_admins() method to 
  • Other players in a campaign may be changed from "player" to "admin" using the Player Panel; any player with "admin" status may edit/update the Settlement Sheet as if they were the creator of the settlement. -Michael Rutz

Corrections and Fixes

  • Removed extraneous "Update Timeline" buttons from the Settlement Sheet Timeline controls.
  • Survivor sex may now be changed on the Survivor Sheet. -Michael Rutz
  • Updating Settlement Notes no longer scrolls you down the page on refresh.
  • Removed bogus/unused "type" attribute from a bunch of gear (in
  • Survivors with the name "Anonymous" are automatically sorted to the bottom of the "Available" group in the Campaign Summary view. -Michael Rutz
  • assets.Survivor.modify() no longer appends the bogus "view_game" param to survivors.
  • The Dashboard now uses assets.Settlement.get_players() to determine settlement player count.

Coming Soon

  • More videos
  • More preferences

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