Wednesday, February 17, 2016

V1 Change Log: 1.32.510

1.32.510 is a huge release. It is the last release of this scale/scope that will happen for V1.

Among other things, this release adds the errata Lantern Year 0 to the timeline for all settlements and auto-corrects the "First Day" settlement out of LY1 and into the new LY0. Special thanks/shoutout to jeeshburger for the help on that one.

Also, in addition to fixing a slew of usability bugs and cleaning up a bunch of long-standing back-end issues (in order to facilitate V2 development), this release puts a little more polish on the turd of V1's UI/UX and delivers the additional/enhanced preferences I've been promising for a few releases now.


  • Quarries are now displayed on the Settlement Sheet using assets.Settlement.get_game_asset() instead of the deprecated get_quarries() method.
  • models.quarriesModel now has the sort_alpha attrib; the render method for the Settlement Sheet no longer calls the deprecated get_quarries method for the quarry options dropdown.
  • Lists (e.g. Innovations, Innovation Deck, Quarries, Defeated Monsters, etc.) in the Settlement and Campaign views are now subject to user preference: comma-delimited is the default, but line item/bullets may now be selected. -newcoda
  • The Campaign Summary view no longer uses the deprecated assets.Settlement.get_locations() method.
  • The assets.Settlement.get_locations() method has (finally) been removed.
  • Campaign Summary view no longer uses the deprecated assets.Settlement.get_nemeses() method.
  • Added another pseudo model to for Nemesis monsters.
  • Added a handful of new epithets based on recent dogfooding.
  • New settlements start in LY 0 with a pre-populated set of events; the minimum value for the LY field on the Settlement Sheet is now zero (instead of one).
  • assets.Settlement.__repr__() now calls assets.Settlement.get_name_and_id() for DRYer logging, etc.
  • Hunting Party controls on the Campaign Summary view now allow settlement admins to select/specify a quarry.
  • New Settlements created with four "First Story" survivors start in a Hunting Party with the "White Lion (First Story" quarry pre-specified.
  • Added assets.Settlement.update_current_quarry() method with a MDB save for updates outside of normal modification workflow.
  • /style.css is now created dynamically based on /media/style.css (rather than served as static content by the webserver).
  • Returning the Hunting Party now presents a confirmation box.
  • The Hunting Party confirmation box may be disabled in Preferences.
  • The Innovations selector/drop-down on the Settlement Sheet now can be defaulted via a preference to show all possible innovations. -newcoda
  • models.render_as_html_dropdown() now accepts a boolean for kwarg 'excluded_type' that will exclude game assets with arbitrary type values from returns.
  • The Survivor Sheet now (hilariously) lists a survivor's Intimacy partners. -newcoda

Corrections and Fixes

  • Fixed a Settlement Storage bug where "Scout's Tunic", "Aya's Sword" and "Aya's Spear" were defaulted to the Custom items list.
  • Fixed another Storage bug where the "Lance of Longinus" Stone Circle gear had a typo and didn't show up correctly. -Colin Harris
  • Fixed a bug where "Recently Added" Storage items were occasionally incorrect.
  • Fixed an issue where settlements with only one survivor owned by someone other than the creator caused the Player Panel not to work correctly.
  • Corrected a display issue where punctuation of "Recently Added" Storage items was...unpredictable.
  • Settlement timelines without a "zero" year now have one.
  • Settlement timelines with LY 0 events in LY1 are "scrubbed" of those events.
  • Went on an epic, three-hour bug hunt for an order-of-operations bug that prevented settlement attribute updates from the Campaign Summary. Found it. Killed it. Presently wearing its skin as clothes.
  • Moved "First Story" settlement setup out of (where it never belonged) and created a new assets.Settlement method to handle it there.
  • Fixed a pair of bugs in preventing new Settlements from being updated during creation and while processing the "return_from_hunt" form parameter.
  • Colors are muted/moody. -newcoda, bnielsen, jeeshburger, Jaimie Lake
  • Unchecked preferences in the System menu should be a little easier to read.
  • Removed redundant MDB save from assets.Settlement.add_kill() method.
  • Fixed a bug where the "Cannibalize" innovation/principle had no "type" attribute (which broke all kinds of stuff).
  • Addressed a presentation issue where unordered list elements had weird, justify-style spacing at wide resolutions.
  • Refactored user preference update debug logging to be less wordy.

Coming Soon

  • More videos
  • Weapon Proficiency select/drop-down -newcoda
  • Bulk add option to add dead survivors. -jeeshburger
  • A fix for the bug that causes survivors who have no family affiliations to be incorrectly identified as siblings.