Sunday, February 7, 2016

Create an Android Home Screen Lanucher

I use Mobile Chrome to manage my campaigns.

And while accessing from the browser is fine, the webapp has support for the M31 feature of Mobile Chrome that allows you to create a launcher icon for your Android home screen that launches the app in fullscreen without browser controls and, most importantly, that keeps it in your task stack.

If you're not already familiar with the how-to of adding launcher icons, check after the jump break for instructions.

First, access the site like you normally would.

Next, click the hamburger/option menu in the upper right corner, and tap "Add to Home Screen":

Change the link title if you like:

And that's it, the launcher icon should show up on your desktop:

When you launch from the icon, you get full screen (with no browser controls/URL bar/etc.) and the application stays in your task stack:


  1. I already, have the manager on my tablet's and mobiles's home screen. Love the app.