Tuesday, July 4, 2017

New release later today!

Happy Independence Day!

I'm celebrating with a big release that starts to address some of the longest-standing UI/UX complaints about the Manager. The new release will be deployed to production later today.

In the meantime, for a sneak preview of how it will improve the Manager, check out this feature demo GIF, which simulates two different users managing a campaign together.

The settlement founder/creator/admin is on the left, and the non-admin user is on the right:

In summary, the demo shows:

  1. Creating a new user
  2. Creating a new settlement with four survivors for the prologue/"First Story"
  3. Giving another http://kdm-manager.com user permission to manage a survivor in that settlement
  4. Adding an innovation to the Settlement Sheet without reloading
  5. [NEW] Adding an innovation to the Settlement Sheet that increases the settlement's Survival Limit without reloading the page
  6. [NEW] The Settlement Sheet tooltip for Survival Limit
  7. [NEW] The Survivor Sheet automatically enforcing Survival Limit and alerting the user with a pop-up
  8. [NEW] The Survivor Sheet controls of death working without a page refresh
  9. [NEW] The Settlement Sheet death count and population updating automatically when a location or innovation is added.
  10. [NEW] Tooltips on the Settlement Sheet for population and death count

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