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Support the development and maintenance of the Manager by purchasing a $1 or $5 subscription to!

The Manager is (and will always be) free to use, with certain limitations:
  • Non-subscribers may only create three settlements/campaigns.
  • Non-subscribers' settlements/campaigns are automatically removed after six months.
  • Free users are subject to automatic application logout after 24 hours.

To avoid these limitations, you may choose to purchase a lifetime subscription to! Purchasing a subscription to the Manager is your way to contribute to the cost of keeping it up and running and to show your support!

Important! Subscriptions to the Manager are neither a Service Level Agreement (SLA) nor do they constitute a warranty or contract of any kind.

Types of Subscriptions

At present, there are two ways you can subscribe to the Manager. 

Survival +1

For $1 (US), you can buy the the Survival +1 subscription, which removes the non-subscriber usage limitations above and gives you all of the following: 
  • The ability to create an unlimited number of settlements.
  • Your settlements are stored permanently in the Manager.
  • You may toggle a preference (on the dashboard) that allows you to stay logged into the application.
  • The option to participate in development/usage surveys.

Survival +5

The $5 (US) Survival +5 subscription removes the non-subscriber usage limitations just like the Survival +1 subscription and also gives you the following:
  • Access to present and future exclusive application features, such color-coded survivors, multiple survivor creation, etc.
  • Optional early (e.g. beta) access to new and experimental application features.
  • Your name in the acknowledgments.

Survival +5 Features

Many of the "exclusive application features" of the Manager that will eventually be available to Survival +5 subscribers are currently under development.

To see the long-term plans and current progress towards developing the full feature set, check the Manager's kanban board on Github.

The headings below describe the features/functionality of the Manager that are currently available to Survival +5 subscribers.

Beta/work-in-progress Feature Access

Users who subscribe at the Survival +5 level will notice that they have a new preference on their dashboard:

Checking the "Enable" box will cause beta features of the manager to appear.

A few notes on beta features:
  • Beta features will always be clearly indicated as such, either by the presence of the word "beta" or by the Greek β character.
  • Beta features are always going have bugs, problems, limitations and other issues. If you choose to use beat features of the Manager, you should expect a little turbulence.
  • Many beta features will ultimately become subscriber-only features, but some will (eventually) become regular features of the Manager: the release of a feature of the Manager as a 'beta' feature does not mean that it will forever be a subscriber-only feature.
Finally, if you do choose to opt-in on beta features of the Manager, please send along any feedback/questions/comments/etc. that you have about them!

Random Survivor Name Generator

Purchase a subscription to the Manager to enable the random name generator on the Survivor Sheet, which will cycle through sex-specific random name options for your survivors when you click it.

Here is how the feature looks at mobile resolution:

Survivor Color Schemes (color-coded survivors)

Survival +5 subscribers have the option to set a Survivor Color Scheme on their survivors.

Setting a Survivor Color Scheme modifies the survivor's appearance on the Campaign Summary view and is meant to be used in conjunction with table-top color-coding (e.g. colored miniature bases, etc.)

Though they may not set Survivor Color Schemes, color-coding is visible to non-subscriber users of the Manager, so if you are a subscriber and you are running a campaign with non-subscribers, they will be able to see the schemes you have set.

Here is how the feature looks at tablet resolution:

Multiple Survivor Creation

If you are the admin of a settlement, on the sidenav/burger, you will see a control option called "+ Create Multiple Survivors".

As the name suggests, this feature (which is only available to Survival +5 subscribers) allows you to create multiple survivors with a single click, rather than filling out the new survivor form and doing it one at a time.

Here is how the feature looks at mobile resolution:

Settlement Storage "digest"

Survival +5 users will notice a small tab on the right side of their Campaign Summary view. Clicking or tapping on this view opens a read-only summary of the settlement's storage.

Settlement Sheet Innovation Deck "Quick Pick"

All users have access to the normal, drop-down Innovation picker on the Settlement Sheet, but Survival +5 subscribers also have the option of using the "Quick Pick" feature.

In a nutshell, the feature simulates the process of drawing two or four cards from the Innovation Deck (depending on whether you've got Symposium) and lets you pick which one to add to the settlement's innovations.

Additionally, the "Quick Pick" feature highlights the consequences of selecting a given innovation.

Here is the feature at tablet resolution:

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